Abigail Baker


“Having already worked for another legal recruitment firm before joining Ryder Reid, I have an excellent understanding of law firms and how they operate. I’m a thorough and detail-oriented person, which also really helps with the research part of my job.

“I started working in recruitment because I loved the idea of making a difference to people’s lives. You’re constantly communicating with different people, while solving problems, which is a combination that suits me and one that I really enjoy.

“On an average day at Ryder Reid I’m involved in the executive research and I carry comprehensive research on law firms, ensuring that we have the best and most up-to-date knowledge. This means gathering information on specialties, key people and recent developments to provide insights that better enable us to understand the market.

“What really sets Ryder Reid apart is everyone here genuinely cares about our clients and candidates and we all go above and beyond to ensure the right match between the two.

“I love working at Ryder Reid because of the amazing support. Everyone is always so happy to help and see their colleagues do well, which makes for a really fantastic work environment. And not only is my job really satisfying, but it’s also great to know that I’m contributing valuable intelligence that helps with our executive search work.

“My biggest personal achievement to date was completing the London Marathon in 2023. It was such an incredible feeling and I’ve never known an atmosphere like it. Growing up, I had ambitions to be an Olympic rower. Having rowed at a high level at school and university, I really got to appreciate the size of the challenge and just how much commitment it involves.”


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