Emma King


“One of my key skills is my ability to think on my feet, which means I can make decisions quickly and move fast when working on a role. I also have strong communication skills and I’m able to form relationships easily.

“My role on the executive search desk here at Ryder Reid involves talking to clients and candidates to ensure that I match the right people to the right role. This involves headhunting candidates and keeping in constant contact with current candidates and sharing my current market knowledge.

“Collaboration and teamwork are definitely what sets Ryder Reid apart from its competitors. We work together to achieve goals and great outcomes for candidates and our law firm clients.

“What do I love most about working at Ryder Reid? I love the fact that people are the focus in every aspect of our business, whether that’s candidates, clients or our own team. Everybody here truly cares and wants to help.

“I genuinely love helping people. I know how great it feels and how important it is to work in a job that enables you to thrive, so I love helping people to land their dream roles.

“As a child, what did I want to be when I grew up? I wanted to be the lead singer of a band, but I soon realised that I can’t sing!”


   0207 220 9370