Tom Pitkin

Associate Consultant

“Having spent the past six years in full-time education gaining my undergraduate degree and working towards an MBA, I’ve developed a strong knowledge of the marketing, financial and legal sectors. I’ve also worked on various research projects during which I’ve worked with various businesses to help them grow. 

“I’m delighted to have joined Ryder Reid. On an average day, I support all parts of the team here, while growing the candidate base so we can ensure the best possible candidates for our clients.

“Ryder Reid is different from its competitors because the team genuinely cares about all applicants and law firm clients. We work hard to find the best possible fit. I know this because I went through the process myself, before finding out the best possible fit was actually as a member of the Ryder Reid team! 

“Everyone here is really welcoming and there’s a genuine people-first approach to the recruitment process, matching people to the right roles. It's really satisfying helping people to find their perfect jobs and ensuring that the fit between them and the law firm is right. 

“As a child, what did I want to be when I grew up? It's very clichéd, but I wanted to be a professional footballer, which later developed into wanting to be a runner at the Olympics. I still hold out a little hope!”

   0207 220 9370