Tom Pitkin

Associate Consultant

“I stumbled into recruitment, really. After getting a first in my degree, I gained a masters degree. Both are among my biggest personal achievements. But ever since I joined Ryder Reid, I’ve loved the experience and haven’t looked back.

“What do I enjoy most about recruitment? Whatever stage people are at, I enjoy helping them to find the next career step – and hopefully their dream job – doing something they’re really passionate about.

“At Ryder Reid, I’ve worked across the Business Services team, specialising in IT and compliance roles. My job involves giving the best possible service to candidates and clients. On an average day, I’ll be headhunting for candidates, liaising with law firm clients and sharing my market knowledge with both.

“I believe we work harder than anyone else to find the best possible fit here at Ryder Reid. I experienced this first-hand, because I went through the process myself, applying for legal roles via Ryder Reid, before finding out the best possible fit was actually for me to join the Ryder Reid team!

“Everyone here is really welcoming and there’s a genuine people-first approach to everything we do. It's really satisfying to help people to find their perfect job, ensuring that the fit between them and the law firm is right for both.

“As a child, what did I want to be when I grew up? It's very clichéd, but I wanted to be a professional footballer, which later developed into wanting to be a runner at the Olympics. I still hold out some hope!”


   0207 220 9370