Bernie Smith

Payroll Officer

“I only started working in the legal recruitment field in 2019, after taking early retirement. I bring with me more than 40 years’ experience working in accounting and finance.

“My job at Ryder Reid involves checking online and manual timesheets to make sure they’ve been submitted on time by candidates and approved by our client. I also prepare payroll inputs for temps and make submissions to our external payroll company.

“I’m also responsible for releasing funds to make payments and I carry out various cross checks to ensure that no erroneous payments have been made. I do similar things for limited-company candidates, checking invoices against timesheets and making direct payments.

“What makes Ryder Reid different? Although everyone is totally professional at all times, it’s very much a family-like environment here. People get on very well with each other and even at busy times, there’s always a happy atmosphere. I really like the fact that I’m always busy, and the nature of the weekly cycle means there are no backlogs, everything runs very smoothly.

“What did I want to be when I was a child? An accountant in legal recruitment… Or was it a footballer?”


  0207 220 9370