We promote diversity and inclusion

Diversity is a wonderful thing. We embrace it. Not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because it also brings great rewards to our clients, candidates and our own business. We want to help to make legal recruitment as diverse and inclusive as possible.

We’re proud signatories to the Recruitment Agency Race Fairness Commitment. Under the initiative, recruitment agencies and law firms will proactively seek to ensure that black and ethnic minority candidates are just as likely to be contacted about, apply for, interview for and be offered career opportunities. We fully support those aims.

Supporting equal opportunities

We’re a gender-balanced team of people who champion equality, diversity and inclusion. We recognise the importance of recruiting from as wide a talent pool as possible, because it enables our clients to access the talent they need to be the best. We work hard to ensure diversity in candidates who register with us. 

Our adverts and job descriptions do not use language that would encourage bias or discourage diversity and inclusion. Each year our people receive unconscious bias and diversity training.

We provide all candidates and staff with an anonymous equal opportunity form, which enables us to monitor the staff and candidates we attract. We strive to improve this when looking at new recruitment strategies and partners. All our data is stored in accordance with GDPR.

Our annual salary survey has been running for more than 25 years and we’re committed to responsibly providing our clients with transparency about salaries to ensure equal opportunities for all candidates.

What we’re doing to be more diverse and inclusive 

We understand that we’re on a journey to improve workplace diversity and inclusion. Progress can always be made. We’re committed to further educating ourselves by listening to candidates, finding out about their needs and challenges, while advising our clients on these, too. We’re an equal opportunities employer and never discriminate on any grounds. All of our people are remunerated equally based purely on performance. Each year we review our own equality and diversity policy to ensure that it remains current. We update it where necessary.

We champion flexible working, because we recognise the benefits that it can bring to our business, our people and their families. We realise that balancing professional and personal responsibilities can be challenging. Our co-owners, Andrea and Callum, are both working parents who fully appreciate the benefits of working flexibly. We encourage and will facilitate flexible working where possible so that our people are better able to balance their professional and family responsibilities. We want them to have a healthy work-life balance.  

We’re passionate about apprenticeships and two current team members have completed apprenticeships at Ryder Reid Legal – including co-owner, Callum Smith.

Helping young disadvantaged people to fulfill their potential

We’re delighted to support award-winning charity Future Frontiers, which exists to ensure that young people from disadvantaged backgrounds fulfill their potential at school and when transitioning to further education, employment or training. Future Frontiers does this through face-to-face coaching delivered by business professionals, giving students access to role models in their preferred industries, including recruitment and law. 

We’re very proud to be working with Future Frontiers, helping students aged 16 to 18 to achieve their education and career goals. Following training, our team will work with and mentor young people to help them better understand available career options, so they can create a better future for themselves.