Peter Page

Head of Recruitment Delivery

“For more than 20 years, I’ve lived and breathed recruitment. Before joining Ryder Reid, I supported enterprise organisations and SMEs across a broad range of sectors with their talent attraction, engagement and retention. I’m passionate about delivering recruitment experiences that enable people and law firms to truly achieve their potential.

“Recruitment is a brilliant career that enables you to develop many skills. And no two days are the same, which I also love. Recruitment is also incredibly challenging, yet when it all comes together, it’s so rewarding. Helping people to achieve their goals is an amazing responsibility.

“During an average day, I’m responsible for leading our team of experienced recruitment consultants, ensuring that we deliver for both our law firm clients and candidates. This involves regularly coaching and developing our team, as well as working closely with our clients to better understand their specific challenges and objectives.

“What sets Ryder Reid apart? We’re renowned for our ‘people-first’ approach, which has fuelled our success and enabled us to become the legal recruiter of choice for many candidates and law firms. At Ryder Reid, the relationships we build aren’t merely transactional, we really do value our partnerships.

“The people and culture here make Ryder Reid a very special place. We’re very much a team and we live by our values, but it’s also a great laugh here. Personally, I love seeing our consultants develop, both on a professional and personal level. It’s also great spending time with our clients, visiting their offices and helping them to become more successful by finding the people they need.

“As a child, what did I want to be when I grew up? A greenskeeper… I love the sight of a perfectly mowed lawn and I strive to replicate golf course greens in my own garden… Currently, without much success!”


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