Ross Ferguson


“After leaving university I worked in customer service, but soon I decided it was the right time to take my next career step into a new, more exciting industry. I did some research, spoke to many people and decided on recruitment.

“A major reason that I enjoy recruitment so much is I work for a great firm that’s genuinely committed to supporting candidates, whatever stage of their career they’re at. As consultants, we’re given the flexibility to go the extra mile and truly make a difference to people’s careers and lives.

“Each day at Ryder Reid is different, but usually very busy. My day-to-day tasks include finding strong candidates, discussing roles to learn what’s most suitable for them and ensuring that our law firm clients always receive a first-class service.

“We really do go above and beyond for candidates and clients, it’s one of our core values. When you work here, you see how true this is. The thing I love most about working for Ryder Reid is my colleagues and our collaborative approach. Everybody is really approachable and friendly. Whether it’s team members, candidates or law firm clients, it really is ‘people-first’ here.

“What do I love most about my job? The conversations I have with people each day. It’s a great feeling having an initial conversation with a candidate and going through the whole recruitment process to end up seeing them landing their dream role. Equally, I enjoy helping law firm clients to find the right people.

“What did I want to be when I grew up when I was a child? It’s a bit of a cliche, but I wanted to be a footballer.”


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