Saly Salem

Compliance Administrator

“My specialist skills include leadership and emotional intelligence. I’m confident, highly professional and well organised. I believe in the power of teamwork, excellent communication and ethics.

“On an average day here at Ryder Reid, I take care of various admin duties within the temp team including answering phones, issuing temp packs and ensuring all compliance tasks are completed.

“Ryder Reid employs the very best people. I enjoy the culture here; it’s an exciting work environment, where people are always willing to help colleagues and others. It’s great to have that sense of belonging and to like the people you work with.

“Personal and professional development and growth is encouraged here. My own values and those of the company are closely aligned, which is another reason why I enjoy working at Ryder Reid. You get the feeling that you’re contributing to a larger purpose.

“I really enjoy working in the recruitment sector. It’s nice to be able to build good relationships, while growing your own skills, knowledge and self-confidence.

“My biggest personal achievement to date was graduating with a 2:1 degree in politics, which enabled me to gain experience in compliance before moving into the recruitment sector. As a child, what did I want to be when I grew up? A psychologist.”


   0207 220 9370