Why we’re happy to be sponsoring a grassroots girls’ football team

Posted on Wednesday, February 7, 2024 by Andrea Prendergast

Supporting young talent
We know that empowering rising stars is paramount for tapping into future talent and ensuring the ongoing success of any business. Championing young people with a flair for  the field not only helps to maintain a dynamic team which can adapt with the game, it also ensures that when the time is ripe there will be a succession of capable experts ready to take the ball and run with it!

This is why we’re dedicated to helping young people to uncover their skills and achieve their goals, and we bring this to life every single day in the way we work with our candidates, supporting them to build their confidence and shine. We’re also really proud of our apprenticeship scheme - our very own Callum Smith completed a degree apprenticeship after joining Ryder Reid, before going onto become a Co-Owner! - and the work we do with Future Frontiers to help people from disadvantaged backgrounds fulfil their potential. 

Sponsoring Springfield Girls’ football team
As well as championing new talent, we’re absolutely committed to inclusion and fair opportunities for all. As a gender-balanced business we believe in the value of equality at work and at play, so when we were offered the opportunity to sponsor Springfield Under 9s Girls' football team in Essex, we absolutely jumped at the chance to bring together our values and support a grassroots team of budding sportswomen. 

Women and Girls in Sport
In the last couple of years - especially since the Lionesses brought the European Cup home in 2022 - £30 million has been injected into women’s football in England, turbocharging opportunities for the next generation. We’re delighted to be able to support this same cause and throw a spotlight on sporting female talent by backing Springfield Under 9's!

The team’s manager, Tony Brown, says “With this funding we’ve been able to adopt our new female pathway kit, which is a clear identity for the girls and shows they belong in the game as much as any other side”.

Like in business, sport can be an intimidating space for women, and as a mother of two daughters this is something I hope we can continue to address by encouraging young girls to get their foot in the door and build their skills and confidence early on.

Backing you
Whether you’re setting your sights on an apprenticeship or want to get your teeth into management - or anything in between - our brilliant, friendly team of consultants can help you reach your potential, too! So if you want to take your first steps in the legal industry or just ready to take a shot at something new, find out what roles we’re currently recruiting to over on our job search page, or give us a call.

Here's more about how we promote diversity and inclusion at work, and the steps we take to build this into everything we do. 

Written by Andrea Prendergast, Ryder Reid Legal co-owner and Executive Search Director. Andrea started her recruitment career in 1998 in her hometown of Liverpool. She moved to London and joined Ryder Reid in 2008, becoming a director and shareholder three years later, before buying the business in 2018 with Callum Smith, Ryder Reid Legal Business Director.

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