Blog - April 2024

  • Founder of Social Mobility Green Skills Week Rob Powell talks to us about the role of apprenticeships in CSR and green careers

    Posted on Sunday, April 21, 2024 by CJ Obi

    We see it as our role as a responsible business to continue to engage with a diverse range of initiatives within Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), to learn more about good practice from the people we work and connect with, and to review our own processes against what we learn. As part of Social Mobility Green Skills Week (SMGSW) which took place last month, our Responsible Business lead CJ ...

  • Why and how businesses can embrace the new flexible working legislations with confidence

    Posted on Wednesday, April 3, 2024 by Hannah Hassack

    A welcome change Callum and I have championed flexible working for a long time. We’re both busy parents with young children, and we know how impossible the juggle can be for working parents these days. This extends to anyone with domestic responsibilities or other commitments that leave them stretched, burnt out and unable to cope. Many of our team are parents, or have people they care for and ...